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Press Release for 2 Dec 1998

Stairways Software releases Anarchie Pro 3.5

Stairways Software Pty Ltd, today announced the release of version 3.5 of Anarchie Pro, the premiere Macintosh file transfer client. With new support for the web (HTTP), offline browsing, mirroring, resumed transfers and remote file editing - it has positioned itself as a broad and essential tool for every Internet user.

Anarchie Pro is the preeminent Internet file transfer client for the Macintosh. It lets you browse web & FTP sites, upload or download files, mirror remote folders, download entire web sites, edit remote files and find files using the Stairways Software Finder, Sherlock-compatible Internet Search Sites, Archie or Site Indexing.

Version 3.5 adds support for Mac OS 8.x appearance, directly searching Sherlock-compatible Internet Search Sites (all the way back to Mac OS 7.0!), new browser-like editable Address URL field (in 8.0+), plus a host of other new features and enhancements.

Anarchie Pro now integrates seamlessly with Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. It makes the perfect companion to your browser, to give you total control over the web with its exciting new web link extraction and listing mechanisms.

Anarchie Pro is a mature, robust and reliable application suitable for everyone from power users to Internet novices.

New features in 3.5 include:

Anarchie Pro requires System 7, MacTCP or Open Transport, and is US$35 shareware. It is a free upgrade from Anarchie Pro 3.0 and upgrade from earlier versions of Anarchie are US$20. Departmental, Site and World-wide licenses are also available.

Enjoy, Peter.

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