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Privacy Policy

Stairways Software has a firm ethical stance on everything we do and that includes protecting our customer’s privacy. Our customer records are not for sale or trade, and we will not disclose our customer data to any third party except as may be required by law or as part of a transfer of the whole company or a product. We will treat customer records as we would want our own information treated.

Our customer database contain a minimum amount of information, primarily your name, email address, and program, version, and date of any purchases. We do not store physical addresses or phone numbers, and we do not even receive bank details.

We never telephone customers, and anyone phoning you claiming to be from us (or most any other technology company) should be treated with the deepest suspicion.

Your information and license details are kept for the duration of your license (which is indefinitely), both to record your license ownership, and for your retrieval if you have misplaced your license. You may ask for your license to be canceled and your information to be removed at any time by contacting us.

Any extra information that you provide in relation to technical support will be held in strict confidence.

Stairways Software does not condone spam and will not act in any way to encourage or assist spammers. We do send commercial email to our customers from time to time and provide an easy way for you to control what email you wish to receive as well as to retrieve lost serials numbers or to have your customer record removed entirely from our system.

What is personal data?

We receive the information you provide when purchasing Keyboard Maestro, minus payment details other than the payment type. Your name, email address, transaction, price and license details are stored in our databases for handling your license, statistical purposes, and for enabling you to retrieve your license details at a later date. The remainder of the information is stored in archival form, essentially as a backup.

We also have details related to the weekly version check (system version, Keyboard Maestro version, license details), which are used for statistical purposes.

Various network services may contain information you provide. For example, the forum will contain information you provide on signup, and information you post to the forum. The Remote Trigger server has logs of activated triggers. The web server has logs of web server access. The email server has logs of emails. Submitted crash reports have various details, but are generally anonymous except for the email address you may optionally provide.

When you contact us for support, we will have access to whatever you provide, including usually your name and email address.

All information is treated confidentially and not shared with any third party.

Right to restriction of processing / Right to be forgotten

You may delete your license details from our servers at any time. Processing usually happens within a week. Archival data, logs, and backups will still remain, as well as information about your purchase for accounting purposes.

If you need your data completely scrubbed, please discuss this with us and it should be possible to be arranged, though it will likely take up to a month.

Right to rectification

We are happy to correct any inaccurate data we may hold at any time, simply contact us.

Data portability

You may retrieve the personal data which we process about you and that you have provided to us.

Right to object

You may object, on grounds relating to your particular situation, at any time to processing of personal data concerning you.


Please contact us with any concerns or questions you may have. As stated, we have no interest in abusing your trust, and no desire to misuse your information. We do no sell or share your information with others and we do not use it for any sort of advertising or other marketing purposes. It is used for supporting your use of our program (such as retrieving your license), for general accounting, and for statistical purposes.

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