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Press Release for 14 Dec 2000

Stairways Software releases Interarchy 4.0

Perth, Western Australia - 14 Dec 2000 - It was announced today on that Interarchy 4.0, the new version of Anarchie, has been completed and is ready for download.

Interarchy 4.0 is a powerful and flexible Internet interface for Mac OS. It can transfer files via FTP and HTTP, search the Internet to find the files you want, provide a wealth of information about remote servers as well as your local Internet connection and Internet applications, help manage remote servers, let you remotely control and test your Macintosh across the Internet.

All Interarchy functions can be accessed via the menus or alternatively via a new user custom interface technology. Interarchy interfaces are shareable, linkable, easy to make and very versatile. As user interface elements, interfaces have many diverse applications beyond simply providing alternative interfaces to Interarchy, they can also be hyperlinked to other wands, the web, other applications, AppleScript or indeed any document or URL.

FREE - Interarchy is free to download and use in its fully functional form to help users decide if it is useful to them. Of course, if you decide to keep it you are required to purchase a license to use it.

Q. What Apple technologies does Interarchy leverage?

Interarchy makes extensive use of Apple's Open Transport and AppleScript technologies. It also supports the Appearance Manager, Drag and Drop Manager, Internet Config, Navigation Manager, Sherlock and Keychain systems. Interarchy would not be the product it is today without the unbelievable support the engineering team receive from both Apple Computer Inc and Metrowerks.

Q. Which people and entities are responsible for Interarchy 4.0?

ANDREW TOMAZOS - Andrew is our Producer and is in charge of co-ordinating the design and public delivery of Interarchy 4.0, and is also the author of our popular monthly newsletter Total Interarchy (formerly Inside Stairways). Andrew's email address is andrew@i... and you can subscribe to Total Interarchy by sending a message to subscribe@i...

INTERARCHY.COM - is the public name we give to our virtual presence on the Internet. At you can download the latest version of Interarchy, find supporting software and info, subscribe to our mailing lists, purchase licenses to use Interarchy and more. <>

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