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Press Release for 6 Aug 2009

Keyboard Maestro in TheMacBundles August Bundle

Perth, Western Australia - 6 August 2009 - Stairways Software Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that Keyboard Maestro 3.5, the latest version of its powerful macro program and productivity enhancer for Mac OS X, is included in TheMacBundles August Bundle, a bundle of 12 great Mac products.

Keyboard Maestro enhances your control over your Mac and its application by allowing you to create extensive macros to automate many tasks and execute them as needed, including via hot keys or typed strings, as well as over the web or from your iPhone.

Using Keyboard Maestro's macros you can control and extend applications; control windows or menus; insert text; open documents, applications or URLs; execute scripts; control the system or iTunes; and more.

Purchasers will also receive an automatic free upgrade to version 4 when it is released.

Keyboard Maestro is joined by the following other quality Mac software products to form the bundle:

TheMacBundles can be purchased at the website for a great low price of $49.95 (USD). Users can avail an additional $5 off on each bundle while buying 2 or more bundles; the benefit is also extended for gifting bundles.

For more information about anything to do with TheMacBundles visit <>.

A fully-functional unlicensed trial version of Keyboard Maestro can be downloaded from <>.

For sales enquires, customer service, technical support, or to contact project management, our current contact information is listed at <>.

Extensive online documentation on Keyboard Maestro can be found at <>.

A brief taste of Keyboard Maestro in action can be found at <>.

A more detailed tour to give you a better idea of Keyboard Maestro's power and versatility is available at <>.

Video examples and tutorials of Keyboard Maestro can be found at <>.

For more information about anything to do with Keyboard Maestro visit <>.

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