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Press Release for 7 Dec 1993

Peter N Lewis announces Anarchie 1.0

Anarchie v1.0.0 is an archie client for the Mac. It is (IMO) the easiest way for users with MacTCP to fetch a file with a partially known name from the anonymous FTP archives. Simply choose an archie server from the menu, tell it part of the name and have it return a list of matches - then double-click one to have it automatically downloaded to your Mac and if you have StuffIt Expander, it'll even decode it for you! And it works well with flaky archie servers or FTP sites that won't let you in, since you can just pick another server or host from the list.

And as an added bonus, its Apple Scriptable and Recordable, and the scripting allows you to fetch and store files to/from FTP sites, so you can automate all sorts of routine FTP tasks. If you have Frontier, it supports Menu Sharing as well (and comes with a bunch of stuff from Leonard Rosenthol to get you started).

Anarchie requires System 7, MacTCP, and is $10 shareware.

It is available from the usual places <>.

Enjoy, Peter.

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