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Keyboard Maestro 5.3

Keyboard Maestro 5.3 has been released.

Version 5.3 adds a bunch of new image manipulation actions, allowing you to create new images, flip, rotate, resize, and crop images, composite images, styled text and shapes onto images, display images, get the size of images, and even find the image on the screen. You can also capture the screen or a window to an image, or highlight a location on the screen.

Version 5.3 also significantly enhanced the mouse click action, adding support for double and triple click and drag with any button, adding an option to click relative to a found image on the screen, and allowing clicks to be relative to the center of the window, screen or found image.

Version 5.3 allows the use of the word APPLICATION (all capitals) in menu selections as an alias for the current application name, allowing easy selecting from the application menu (eg APPLICATION -> About APPLICATION).

Version 5.3 also processes text tokens in the Clipboard, Script, and Path condition tests, adds live reporting of the state of a condition in the editor, allows you to use a short form of variable tokens (%variable name% instead of %Variable%variable name%), adds MidX and MidY to the SCREEN & WINDOW functions.

Version 5.3 fixes a number of minor bugs, including the tutorial not working to completion, the %WindowPosition%n% token not working, and removes the annoying 5 second delay on the Applications/Utilities menus.

For full details, check out the press release, or the What’s New section of the documentation.

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