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Keyboard Maestro 5.1

Keyboard Maestro 5.1 has been released, adding a new For Each action, allowing you to easily loop over a variety of collections, including the Finder selection, files in a folder, mounted volumes, lines in a file or on the clipboard and more.

Changes for 5.1

  • Added For Each action allowing looping over a variety of collections.
  • Added Developer ID Signing for Mountain Lion Gatekeeper.
  • Added Percent Encode for URL filter (Clipboard & Variable).
  • Added text token processing to button names in Prompt For User Input.
  • Added text token processing to Open URL and Search & Replace actions.
  • Changed the way String Matching/Reg Ex menus are named.
  • Disable changes to the Global Macro Group which were not allowed anyway.
  • Improved Insert Text by Typing in applications like Screen Sharing.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if a text factory no longer exists.
  • Fixed a lock up when entering quoted strings in calculations.
  • Remember the location of the Recording window (again!).
  • Made yet more changes to the HID code to try to handle the system crash.
  • Extended DisableAnimation to include the macro palette.
  • Left justified the text in the text display window.

For direct download customers, 5.1 is available immediately via the inbuilt software update. For Mac App Store purchasers, version 5.1 has been submitted to the Mac App Store, and will hopefully be approved and available soon.

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