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While browsing my Application folder on my Mac, I noticed something. I have a fondness for some apps that I rarely use. I’m just glad that I own them. I may not use them all but I feel good about the money I’ve spent.

If I like a developer I buy their wares just to support their work. When I say “I like a developer” I don’t just mean I like their products. I mean that I like the people behind the products. I like the philosophy, the commitment, the personalities. Sure, I’ll buy software and services from people I think are ass-hats if they make polished high quality stuff. But I’m more likely to buy less awesome software from someone I like than I am to buy highly polished stuff from a jerk. This is especially true in the Indie Software scene. There are real people behind every pixel and algorithm.

Rather than highlight bad players, I’ll call out some of the greats along with the software I own from them. If you’re on your way to Macworld (iWorld) stop by some booths and thank these people. Better yet, but some kick-ass software.

From: MacDrifter — The Best and Worst of the Mac and iOS.

Posted Friday, January 13, 2012. Permalink. Source Link. 1 Comments.


I agree whole-heartedly. In many cases, the developer's personality will influence my future purchases.

I will sometimes purchase an app, even if I know it's not stellar, to support the developer so he/she will be able to develop the app further. Rather than bitch about deficiencies of the app, I'll try to offer constructive suggestions in a kind way. In many cases, I've gotten to know the developers well and have built email friendships.

I've bought products from jerks, too, but when they've been obnoxious or condescending to me when I've asked for help or suggested a feature, I'm less likely to buy upgrades and I'll search for competing products.

Posted Saturday, February 11, 2012 03:38 AM by Scott B Steinman OD,PhD.

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