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Create Bookmarklets that Execute Macros

If you have a macro that you want to execute from a Bookmarklet, you can do it easily as long as its a safe macro that would not be hazardous if someone else executed it, as this method allows anyone to execute it.

First, in Keyboard Maestro's Web Server preferences, enable the Web Server and ensure Web Browser Access is Enabled. You don't need a username or password unless you want to allow execution of any macro with authenticated access.

Click the Connect link at the bottom right and your web browser will open and access Keyboard Maestro's web server.

There wont be any public web triggered macros yet, so switch back to Keyboard Maestro, and in your (safe!) macro, add a Public Web trigger.

Switch back to your web browser and refresh the page. Now your Public Macro should now be listed, so click the Execute button and it will run. The link to execute that particular macro will appear in you address bar, so just drag it to your bookmarks bar. Click the bookmarklet to execute the macro.

If the macro is not safe (that is, if some nasty person executing it at some random time might cause problems), then this is not a good technique, so be very careful what you put in a public triggered macro.

But if the macro just changes the current song in iTunes or something innocuous like that, this method would work well.

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