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Articles about Keyboard Maestro at Betalogue

On Betalogue, Pierre Igot has written several recent articles about customising iWork using Keyboard Maestro.

In Customizing Pages ‘09: Writing centuries in French, Pierre explains that the proper way to write something like “20th Century” in French is xxe siècle where “xx” is the number in roman numerals in small caps and “e” is a small superscript. Pierre notes wryly “As you can imagine, if you have write this type of thing repeatedly in a text, it can quickly become pretty tedious.”

Enter Keyboard Maestro. Type “20s” and a properly styled century token appears.

A few days later he wrote Customizing Pages ‘09: Using Keyboard Maestro to bypass Apple’s idiotic table shortcuts where he describes Pages (and Numbers) annoying behaviour of inserting a column when you use open-leftarrow/rightarrow in a table, even while editing a cell text if you're at the edge of the cell text.

Pierre proved to be very clever - mapping option-leftarrow to option-shift-leftarrow followed by leftarrow, thereby retaining the normal behaviour of the key stroke (albeit with a brief flash of selection) while killing Pages/Numbers behaviour of inserting columns.

Pierre is clearly on a roll using Keyboard Maestro to customise his Mac. The next day he wrote Customizing Pages ‘09: Changing the behaviour of command-Up and command-Down with Keyboard Maestro in which he describes how to change the behaviour of command-up/down arrow and home/end to better suit his desired behaviour.

It is this kind of fantastically imaginative use of Keyboard Maestro that I really love to see. Thanks for sharing, Pierre!

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