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Keyboard Maestro 4.0 released

By now you have probably heard that we released Keyboard Maestro 4.0.

Keyboard Maestro has always been a very powerful tool, and the user interface was pretty reasonably, but it was starting to show its age - it has been around since 2001 after all!

So with version 4 we took the opportunity to completely rewrite the user interface to bring it up to Snow Leopard standards. I think we did a pretty good job with this and judging by the comments I have seen around the net, others do as well.

For example , Steven Goodheart said on MacUpdate “Wow, is this new interface for Keyboard Maestro terrific! So clean, and logical, and easy to use.”. All the reviews on MacUpdate have been 5 star.

Over on Version Tracker, also all 5 star reviews, sherman1 said “The new version is impressive. New look, new features.”.

It is a hard slog developing a quality program. There is a lot of work, and a lot of attention to detail - details most people never even realize are there. So its very pleasing to see the hard work rewarded with glowing comments and happy customers!

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