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Alain Damlamian’s TeX Macros Pack

Alain Damlamian has created a package of macros for TeXShop users. It includes a number of macros for inserting various tamplate text items, such as definition, lemma, proof, etc.

The macros preserve the clipboard in a Named Clipboard, and so these macros require Keyboard Maestro 3.4 to import properly. Version 3.4 added a feature where named clipboards were stored with both a unique ID and a name in export files so they can be imported and the appropriate named clipboards automatically created if they do not already exist.

I have added this macro package to the Macro Library section to our web site.

Thanks for yo Alain for offering this package.

Posted Sunday, September 7, 2008. Permalink. 1 Comments.


I love Keyboard Maestro. I probably use it too much. But I have a question. I have some long macros (more than 100 lines). They work great, but

I want to be able to abort a macro if it is misbehaving.

I've tried "esc". I even force quit the "keyboard maestro" application, and the macro keeps running!! Surely there is an abort key?

Thanks in advance,


Posted Sunday, October 26, 2008 10:35 PM by Anonymous.

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