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Duplicate Line Macro

I am going to try to write a few blog entries about some of my favorite macros.

First in the series is a fairly simple, but frequently useful, macro, Duplicate Line.

I have this macro triggered with control-D in BBEdit and Xcode and use it often when coding.

The macro is quite simple, a sequence of simulated keystrokes to select the current line (command-left arrow, shift-down arrow), Copy, deselect the line (down arrow), Paste, select the pasted line (shift-up arrow), and then restore the clipboard (Set Clipboard to Past Clipboard: 1).

Of course, you don‘t want to have to recreate the macros that I describe, so I have also added a new Macro Library section to our web site. If it sounds useful, visit the library and download the Duplicate Line macro.

The library is pretty small so far, but we will be adding some more macros soon - let us know if you have any suggestions for inclusion in the macro library.

Posted Wednesday, July 9, 2008. Permalink. Post a Comment.


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