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What To Do Until VBA Returns Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2008 shipped without support for VBA which caused a lot of angst among a section of the Mac Office community. The Mac BU has just announced (via Daring Fireball) that VBA will make a return in the next major release. But that release is presumably a long time away. What are users to do in the mean time?

MacTech offered a very useful VBA to AppleScript Transition Guide which provides one solution, and is certainly good reading for any VBA users.

Another way, was suggested to me recently: “Keyboard Maestro is an alternative way for to get my ancient macros to work in Word since Microsoft Office 2008 has dropped support for VBA”.

So if you are an ex-VBA user of Microsoft Office, there is good news on the (distant) horizon that VBA will make a return, and in the meantime, AppleScript and perhaps Keyboard Maestro may be some help.

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