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Interarchy 9 Released

Nolobe just released Interarchy 9 with some fantastic new features.

My favorite, and probably the flagship feature, and the last feature I implemented for Interarchy is quite amazing, and I hope people take it up - basically it uses SSH to connect directly to your server and then runs perl scripts on the server to perform the actions (list, upload, download, etc).

What makes this amazing is the results you get with a compressed listing. My personal web site has over 5000 photos on it, that makes for 10000 files (with thumbs). That makes a directory listing around 1.5Meg of very compressible text. Since most mirrors result in a directory listing and then a handful of small changes, this means my typical mirror time went from over two minutes to under 20 seconds! Nearly an order of magnitude improvement!

And that is just one of the cool new features of Interarchy 9. A Fantastic first major release for Matthew & Nolobe - next comes Iris!

So go download Interarchy 9 now.

Posted Thursday, January 10, 2008. Permalink. Post a Comment.


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