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Iris Teaser from Nolobe

Last week our friends at Nolobe released a teaser of Iris, their upcoming Image Editor for Mac OS X. Ironically, and coincidentally, the announcement came on more or less the same day as Acorn 1.0 was released.

Having used GraphicConverter and Photoshop, looked at the very black screenshots of Pixelmator, tried out Acorn (which I found extremely slow in the few things I tested), I have to say I'm looking forward to trying Iris out, and it looks like I‘m not alone as Matthew tells me around 10,000 people signed on to the Iris announcement mailing list within a few days of the Teaser going out.

I asked Matthew for some hint on what Iris will be like, and he just said this will be one-window image editing with “no crazy palettes flying everywhere”.

I haven‘t looked forward to a beta release this much since System 7!

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