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Nolobe Acquires Interarchy from Stairways Software

As you have probably heard, Nobloe Pty Ltd, founded by Interarchy lead developer Matthew Drayton, acquired Interarchy from Stairways Software today in what is essentially an employee buyout.

The reason for this happening now is that I was looking to semi-retire in a few years, but where would that leave Matthew and Interarchy‘s loyal customers? This buyout resolves both of these problems nicely, not to mention making my semi-retirement sooner!

For more background, you can read the Daring Fireball interview and Stephen Withers‘ iTWire article.

Matthew has driven Interarchy development for some years so customers should have no concerns that Interarchy is in good hands, and, of course, all existing licenses remain fully valid, and will be eligible for discounted upgrades when Interarchy 9.0 is released later this year. Indeed, Nolobe has already released Interarchy 8.5.

I would like to thank all the folks who have written me personally offering congratulations or thanks for what Interarchy has allowed them to do over the years, it has been a real pleasure hearing from many of the folks whose lives we have touched!

Many also have been asking about what is in store for me in the future. Currently I do not have an answer for this, but our third child is due yesterday, so I expect that will keep me busy in the short term, after that, perhaps I will update Keyboard Maestro or Greebles, or perhaps something entirely new.

Thanks again for all the support over the years, and to all the friends I have made along the way!

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