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A Couple Recent Blog and Thread Mentions

There is was a nice Interarchy review on the popular theappleblog blog - “The Verdict: Interarchy is one of the most advanced and well-written native OSX applications available, let alone FTP clients.”. There were also some nice comments from users, like “Interarchy is one of the best programs there is. ... Interarchy is invaluable. We would be lost without it.”

Last month, on the same blog there was a good article Mac OS X FTP Clients Throwdown which compared eight(!) FTP clients for the Mac. Of course, we know Interarchy should really have been placed first, not second, but then the review did say “[Interarchy] is clearly an advanced app, but it‘s very good at what it does - everything.” so we can live with that. There have also been quite a few comments, many praising Interarchy, but my favorite by far was “We regularly transfer *very* large directories with Interarchy, the biggest at the moment contains 368892 files.” Transferring 368,000 files! It was not that long ago that you could not get more than 65,000 files on a harddisk.

There is also an TidBITS Talk thread (click the All button or you will miss some messages) going asking “Is there really a feature so great I should pay for Interarchy instead of sticking to open source?”. Naturally, we know there are many reasons to use Interarchy, and it is nice to see some of our users outlining them!

It is always nice to see some positive press, but doubly so to see our loyal users speaking about what makes Interarchy valuable to them. Thanks!

Posted Wednesday, September 13, 2006. Permalink. 2 Comments.


Glad to see some Interarchy reviews...

I'm just uploading a 166 MB file with Interarchy via slow Internet connection (~20 kbps upload speed) and this is the task that I wouldn't give to other clients. However, with Interarchy, it's peace of mind.

Posted Thursday, September 14, 2006 03:48 AM by Sime.

I've downloaded over 4700 files from this one website since yesterday afternoon, using Interarchy. Using my web browser I would have to use screen capture or save as PDF. Couldn't drag picture to folder.

Posted Tuesday, November 1, 2011 02:43 PM by Brent Radbourne .

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