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Press Release for 19 Sep 2017

Stairways Software releases Keyboard Maestro 8.0

Perth, Western Australia - 19 September 2017 - Stairways Software Pty Ltd is pleased to announce Keyboard Maestro 8.0, the new version of its powerful productivity enhancer for OS X.

Version 8 refines the editor in a variety of ways, adding more help, text size control, machine learning, more drag & drop, Touch Bar support, context sensitive assistance and much more.

Version 8 continues the long tradition of putting more power at your finger tips, introducing the Cron trigger for calendar based macros, Gesture triggers drawn with the mouse, Remote triggering for integration with web services, Clipboard filtering and more.

The new version expands on the MIDI support to allow far deeper control both in triggering macros and sending packets.

With the addition of Dictionaries, you can now store structured information, and Macro-local variables allow you to write cleaner macros.

The editor now has full Open Scripting Architecture support, allowing you to construct, control and adjust macros programmatically.

And, of course, version 8 lets you do even more, adding many new input actions, more Control Flow options, actions to send messages, more user interface control and further enhancements to the Custom HTML windows. There are plenty of new conditions, collections, tokens and functions as well.

Watch the What's New Video on the home page to see some of the new features, or the Introduction video if you are new to Keyboard Maestro.

With over a hundred other improvements, there is bound to be something for everyone.

Keyboard Maestro 8.0 requires OS X Yosemite 10.10.0 or later.

Editor Improvements

Full AppleScript Support in the Editor

Revamp Clipboard History Switcher & Named Clipboard Switcher

Expanded MIDI Support

Added Local and Instance Variables

Added Dictionaries

New Triggers

New Actions

New Conditions

New Collections

New Tokens

New Functions

Engine Improvements

Minor Improvements and Changes

Bug Fixes

Keyboard Maestro is engineered by Stairways Software Pty Ltd and distributed by FastSpring. Keyboard Maestro is licensed on a per user basis, and an individual user can use it on five Macs.

New customers can purchase Keyboard Maestro from <> for US$36. Customers with five or more users should contact us for a volume discount quote.

Customers who purchased Keyboard Maestro directly from us after March 1, 2017 have been issued a free upgrade to Keyboard Maestro 8. If you have not received your free license, you can find your free license upgrade at <>.

Customers who purchased Keyboard Maestro version 7 prior to March 1, 2017 can upgrade to Keyboard Maestro 8 for US$18 until 19 November 2017 and for US$25 after that date. Customers who purchased older versions of Keyboard Maestro can upgrade to Keyboard Maestro 8 for US$25. If you have not received your instructions on how to upgrade, you can find details by looking up your Keyboard_Maestro license at <>.

Keyboard Maestro 8 is not available from the Mac App Store (and probably never will be).

A fully-functional unlicensed trial version of Keyboard Maestro can be downloaded from <>.

For sales enquires, volume purchases, customer service, technical support, or to contact project management, our current contact information is listed at <>.

Extensive online documentation on Keyboard Maestro can be found at <> and on the wiki at <> and forum at <>.

A brief taste of Keyboard Maestro in action can be found at <>.

For more information about anything to do with Keyboard Maestro visit <>.

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